How Kék Ló was born

My name is Virag Toth, I am a hungarian fashion designer living in Berlin since 2015.

I opened my first concept fashion store and bar in Budapest in 2010, called Kék Ló (means blue horse in Hugarian). After 5 years I decided to move to Berlin and open my other concept store, a vegan cafe and sustainable fashion store, called also Kék Ló.

I am commited to sustainability, enthousiastic about colours and astounding combinations.

When I am designing , I feel as though the meeting of the materials, the cut and the colors were already realized in a paralell dimension.

Glad to be here  as a channel  and allow it to be created through me.

 I started to sew when I was around 10 years old , my grandma inspired me with the glamorous clothes she brought from far away countries.I was amazed by her sublime taste and noble personality. She had enough patience to teach me sewing on her old Singer machine.

Time after time I excitedlly went out to get new textiles so i could cut and sew. Fashion quickly became my lives obsession.  I was a ballet and theater fan as a teenager, which influenced  me to make myself vibrant costume-inspired clothes, I loved  wearing them  in the streets of Budapest. not really caring what people think about it, I lived in my own universe, normative reality was only a boring scenery to my romantic world.

Never felt the need to conform to the expectations of mainstream society.